Man With a Love Song

James Hill

"Suspicions that Hill could be typecast by his freakish prowess as a ukulele player are swept aside. Impeccably crafted. ★★★★½." - The Australian

"Stellar. A fantastic album from a man who makes songwriting seem effortless." - Exclaim!

"What Hill has achieved here is to take the uke beyond its usual territory, where it is either being frantically strummed in a self-consciously comic manner, or plucked with unnecessary gravitas in an effort to counteract its mirth-inducing reputation. Hill gives the uke its dignity back, but without ever taking himself – or the instrument – too seriously. The result is an album with superb lightness of touch." - Songlines

"Hill proves he has an inventive ear for arrangements as well as a great talent for song writing. If you fancy a fun and easy going laid-back album which has a good balance of humour and contemplation then you can’t go far wrong with this." - Folk Radio UK

"An album for troubled times: joie de vivre, tenderness and musical perfection." - TRAD Magazine

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