I'll Never Know

I'll Never Know is the most stripped-down tune on The Old Silo.  It's just me, Anne and my Mya Moe baritone ukulele.  I recorded the uke and voice together without a click track so it has a casual, intimate sound to it.  It was a really still moment during the recording sessions; I think I only did three takes and we chose the best one.  We were all feeling so mellow I didn't even notice that I played it in the wrong key (it was supposed to be in B-flat major but I put the capo on the wrong fret!).
I wrote the lyric on a plane after listening to the same Oliver Schroer instrumental on repeat for about an hour.  It put me in a really mellow, reflective mood.  Originally, there was another verse that got cut because we all agreed it was just a variation on a theme and didn't really add anything new to the song.  But I still like it:
Why even among loving arms
there are those in which
we can and cannot stay.
Why even among words
there would be those
we can and cannot say...

...I'll Never Know

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