The Brightest Lights

The Brightest Lights is a song about the kind of love that haunts you long after it's over.  The chorus pretty much says it all: "Don't the brightest lights / Cast the darkest shadows? / Oh, my love / Let me go."  

The Lost Verse

The original version included an additional verse that was cut from the album version.  The verse that was cut followed the male character in the song as he reunites in his old age with his former love, saying to her "Life is a straight line / But love is a circle."  Producer Joel Plaskett thought the verse was too "final" and didn't leave enough to the imagination.  What do you think?

Forgive my intrusion
I shouldn't have come back here
But I used to imagine
How you would look in 50 years

Rounder, more fragile
Your voice a little warble
Life is a straight line
But love is a circle

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