The Old Silo

James Hill

The Old Silo invites you into a world of new beginnings, old regrets, might-have-beens, burning questions, beautiful women, horny geezers and gold diggers. Produced by indie rock hero Joel Plaskett and recorded at New Scotland Yard in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, The Old Silo cuts a deep, winding path through Folk, Roots Rock and Americana.

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  • Producer: Joel Plaskett
  • Number of Tracks: 11
  • Guest Musicians: Anne Janelle (voice, cello), Bill Stevenson (piano), Joel Plaskett (drums, bass, guitar, voice), Joe Murphy (harmonica)
  • Release Date: September 16, 2014
  • Label: Borealis Records
  • Purchase: Borealis Records | iTunes

Thank Yous

The Old Silo would not have been possible without the generous support of the following friends and fans:

Rocket Ship Level ($500)

Marianne Brogan, Gary Cyr, John Davis, Barry and Barbara Hill, Moses Kamai, Annier Lee and Uke Beat, Literacy Designs Canada, Dave McKeen and the Ukulele Club of Dawson Creek (UC/DC), and Ggum Ukuleles.

Steam Engine Level ($250)
Amy Buskirk, Angela Dwyer-James, Spencer Gay, Ron Horvitz, Danielle Hunt, John Leverette, Michael Macleod, Sarah Maisel, Barry Savage, and Michael Schillaci.

Drop Top Level ($100)
Lissy Abraham, Tony Anthonisen, Army Armstrong, Mark Baker, Melany Berry, Kevin Birkbeck, Lorraine Bow, James Bradbury, Stéphane Brulotte, Merrill Callahan, Denys Carrillo, John Chandler, David Chen, Susan Coats, Myrna Coleman, Richard Dann, Dorthe Davison, Monica Dear, David Dunnigan, Ruth Eldridge, James Fellows, Alan Ferentz, Coreen Flemming, Doug Frink, Dany Gagnon, Kathleen Galbraith, Susan Gelletly, Joshua Gordon, Barbara Gray, Felix Grendelmeier, Don Harder, Nancy Harrison, Betsy Harvin, Mike Henderson, Rick Hertert, Susan Howell, Dennis Hudson, Peter Ingraham, Judith Jollett, Cynthia Kinnunen, Caroline Knickle, Mike and Patty Kramer, Sam Kucey, Dennis Lair, Chantal LeBlanc, Ralph Leriger, George Lewis, Alanna Lowe, Maryellen Markley, Sharyn Marks, Pelle and Anne Matson, Jonathan Miller, Chuck Moore, Hiro and Yoko Nishiguchi, The Parsons Family, Nancy Piver, Mark Primmer, Karen Richardson, Ben Rouse, Terry Sasaki, Lizann Schultz, Elise Tickner, Bonnie Waddell, Carol Wagers, Ged Waring, Carol Witwicky.

Side Car Level ($50)
Jack Alvo, Andy Baker, Tom Booth, Brad Bordessa, Eric Brydges, Kevin Carroll, Jeannie Ceciliani, Gordon Chisholm, John Doherty, Louis Dumas, Pat Dunne, Cale Ettenberg, Kate Ferris, Ross Gibaut, Lorraine, Goyette, Stephen Grimsrud, Mike Henderson, Julie Jacobs, Dick Jeffers, Dick Lanham, Angie Laroche, Jano Le Brun, Bertrand Le Nistour, Jay London, Bob Lucky, Cathy Mcdonald-Smith, Chris Meek, Pamela Middleton, Dianne Murray, Yuko Nakamura, Renee Olson, Kerry Penberthy, Marc Pendergast, John Penhallow, Steve Perry, Doug Ramsay, Geoffrey Rezek, Norm and Elayne Ruplen, Torsten Schmidt, Kurt Siegel, Wade Sirois, Greg Smith, Susan Sullivan, Lynn Tajcnar, Christopher Thomson, Debi Velasco, Christina Vernon, Kate Wasteneys, Katrina Whitfield, Charlene Woodbury.

To everyone who pre-ordered The Old Silo at the Pony Ride Level ($25), my heartfelt thanks.  We made this album... together!

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"Brilliant. Hill's most mature album to date... a career highlight." - Country Jukebox

"If you thought James Hill was simply the ukulele wunderkind, his latest album will convince you that he is also a great songwriter" - Penguin Eggs

"Once again Hill makes his case as one of the best songwriters of his generation." - Ukulele Magazine

"A reimagining of the ukulele and its role in modern music." - The Manitoban