Tie One On

Joel Plaskett, who produced The Old Silo, is a big-time Led Zeppelin fan.  So when he heard the demo of Tie One On he immediately wanted to play drums on it!  It's very Zeppelin-esque with the big, bold John-Bonham-inspired drums and the revolving phrasing of the baritone uke part (à la Kashmir). 

Lyrically, I like how it uses the old-fashioned expression "tie one on" in a modern rock song and pulls in some dustbowl-era allusions... it's really just a party anthem but it's got a real bittersweet undertone to it.  While I was writing the lyric I was inspired by Jeff Lemire’s short, illustrated story 'The Old Silo' which I found by Googling the phrase.  I have no doubt that Lemire's comic had a very direct influence on the way Tie One On turned out.

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