From the recording Man With a Love Song

JH: vox, tenor ukulele, banjo ukulele, violin, piano, percussion


What we had has come and gone
Washed out to sea in a mighty storm
When the water came over the bridge
The tide just wanted it more than we did

Hand over my heart
And I will give you my word
That no one else here today
Has to get hurt

Better to be long dead
Than to have you lyin’ to me in my own bed
For five long years
You had my head under your heels

Hand over my heart
And I will return to you
All of the names that you gave me
When our love ran cold

So, let’s agree
To show our cards on the count of three
‘Cause our love is old and overtired
It’s overworked and under fire

I barely recognize
My own insides
What have you done, what did you do?
Why does this little piece of me look more like you?

Hand over my heart
Before it’s too late
To start all over