1. Gold Digger

From the recording The Old Silo

James: vox, baritone ukulele, drums, cello banjo, violins
Anne: vox, cello
Bill: piano


Oh, gold digger meet me at the fountain
I'll bring my coins and you can count 'em
Gold digger meet me here at midnight
You bring your shovel and I'll hold the light

Are you with old money
or the nouveau riche?
Did they put you on a throne
or on a leash?

Oh, gold digger, go figure
I miss you so

Gold digger, I'm still a rich man
I even said so on the witness stand
You gave me more than you could ever steal
You took an old man for a ride on a ferris wheel.

I could be your oil baron
or your railway sheik.
I could be a poker stud tonight
or a common thief

oh, Gold Digger, I can do better
just let me try.

Are you with them scallywags
Sailin' seas?
Stabbin' backs
And shootin' breeze?

Oh, gold digger, another day withers
Gold digger, for six figures,
Where are you tonight?