From the recording The Old Silo

James: vox, tenor ukulele,
Anne: vox
Joel: drums, electric guitar, electric bass
Bill: piano


It was already August,
the first blush of autumn
in the cheeks of the maple and ash

I was so busy mindin'
my business that I didn't see her
'til she asked me to dance

Now I don't like my chances
of puttin' her beauty in words
but I'll give it a try:

Her eyes were as blue as a
Hank Williams song and
her voice like an old lullaby

If wishes were horses we'd ride together
Chasing the wind 'cross the plains
If longing was midsummer rain
I'd turn the canyons into deep rivers again

The dancefloor was hot
as a greenhouse in June
and the band swung like a trapeze

And I held her as close as I
dared to then spun her around
like a leaf in the breeze

One song, one dance
sometimes you only get
one chance to let your love show

And I still can't explain
why I hid mine away
like a daffodil under the snow


No whisky, no gin
No trouble I'm in
can chase her out of my mind

Where do you go when
time passes slow and
love has left you behind?