Step 3: Get the Handouts

If you are the presenter/organizer of the workshop, please use this form to request the required handouts. If you are a registered workshop student you will receive a hardcopy of the handouts at the workshop.

Please Note: Printing workshop handouts is the organizer's responsibility. Once your booking and topic are confirmed, you will receive the handouts by email. Please do not distribute handouts digitally to students. If your workshop includes a Pre-workshop Prep Sheet, please email the Prep Sheet to students at least a week before the workshop. Printed handouts should be black-and-white, collated, double-sided and stapled. Please make 5 additional copies.

Note: All form fields are required.

Important: Please Review

In order to ensure the best workshop experience possible for everyone, please review the following points below:
  • Level Definitions
  • Equipment / Classroom Setup
  • Maximum / Minimum Attendance
  • Workshop Length.

Level Definitions

Expectations are everything!  Please clearly communicate the level of each workshop to students.  Also note that some Intermediate and Advanced workshops require students to study a Pre-workshop Prep Sheet.  Details on the next page.

A student at this level is brand-new to ukulele. He/she has perhaps learned one to three chords but stops in-between chord changes to move the fingers to the next location.

Advanced Beginner
A student at this level knows a handful of chords and can move from one chord to another without pausing. Student may have trouble with, say, the B-flat chord shape. Has developed a strum or two or a finger pattern for picking.

A student at this level can hold a steady rhythm and is competent with a variety of basic chords (for example: A, Am, B7, C, C7, D, Dm, E, Em, G, and G7). Understands simple chord progressions (such as I, IV, V chords), can sing and strum at the same time, and learns chords to simple tunes fairly quickly.

A student at this level can hear I, IV, and V chords, has mastered some chord inversions, knows there is life above the fifth fret, and has been there with barre or 4-fingered closed chords. Plays lead and backup easily with others and keeps steady rhythm.
Equipment / Classroom Setup

The presenter must provide a workshop space that is clean, dry, well-lit, and heated or cooled to a comfortable temperature. The workshop space must be made available no less the 30 minutes before the start of the workshop and must remain available until no less than 30 minutes following the workshop. Please provide:
  • Additional ukuleles if attendees aren't bringing their own. (Every student must have a ukulele.)
  • An armless chair for each attendee.
  • Two bottles of drinking water.
  • Two music stands.
  • A microphone and amp (or PA system) if the workshop space is larger than a living room.

Minimum / Maximum Attendance

The minimum number of confirmed attendees required to run a James Hill Ukulele Workshop is five. The maximum number of attendees is 30.  No exceptions, please.
Workshop Length

A James Hill Ukulele Workshop can be one of three lengths (please specify when you secure a booking):
  • 75 minutes (no break)
  • 90 minutes (with or without a 10-minute break at James' discretion)
  • 120 minutes (with a 10-minute break)
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